This Photo taken by my Lovely Wife Janice John
Mina Anton Ayoub
Mina Anton is an Egyptian artist based in Cairo with considerable early talent; he teaches art in the faculty of art education, in addition, he was working for a lot of advertising agencies, He is experienced in book illustration, comics, storyboards, and Iconography.
​​​​​​​            About my art style:
            I was very impressed with the contemporary modern art movement, which has the technical tools that allow you to fly away from the traditional art style.
I am also have been influenced by the culture of the old civilizations (Egyptian, Byzantine, Coptic, and other old cultures) I was also Fascinated by classic style, renaissance style, and pop art style.
I have mixed all this together trying to create my own independent style, and I am expressing this through my art in illustration work or even in the design field.
And I am still not convinced with what I have achieved. I am looking forward to trying to develop my style. One day, I hope I could influence others through my art, and give others a new way to experience life through my art style.
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